Crossing the Skyway

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Crossing the Skyway

Crossing the Skyway is my first collection of poetry. The poems reflect incidents from my childhood, from places I've been, people I've met, things I've thought, things I've done. There are nature poems, baseball poems, political poems — some serious, some humorous. Most of the poems are written in free verse. "The Vise," one of the poems from Crossing the Skyway, is reprinted on my web site, under the topic Poem for Adults.

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Behind the Book

What I write more of than anything is books, both fiction and nonfiction. And I know from writing books that some ideas, such as those that became my early reader Waltur books, takes decades to work their way into story form. And some, like She's on First, land in the consciousness almost fully formed, awaiting only my fingers on the keyboard.

But the writing of poetry surprised me, first because the thoughts and feelings that worked their way into the poems go very far back: farther than any fiction or nonfiction. Some of these poems go back to my three-year-old self. Others are based on a mere moment in time, recollected fully and shaped into poetic form. In writing the poems that I put into Crossing the Skyway, I came to believe that we all have within us poetry waiting to bloom. — Bg


Barbara Gregorich