Research Notes for Women At Play: The Story of Women in Baseball, Volume 1

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This book, Research Notes for Women at Play, Volume I, is the first of a projected three volumes. It contains original newspaper articles, or summaries of them, on the Blondes and the Brunettes, Maud Nelson, the Western Bloomer Girls, John Olson, the Cherokee Indian Base Ball Club, Margaret Nabel, the New York Bloomer Girls, the Philadelphia Bobbies, the Baltimore Black Sox, and several other teams.

I think this book will be valuable to baseball researchers, to women who play baseball and want to learn about past players, perhaps to non-baseball historians, and perhaps also to teachers who want to assign term paper topics. Research Notes for Women at Play contains a wide variety of fascinating information, and it’s my guess that if 20 students were required to write a term paper based on this book, they would end up with 20 different theses because each student would interpret the data differently. To read an excerpt, click here.

Research Notes for Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball: Maud Nelson, Margaret Nabel (Volume 1) is available for purchase through, Kindle, and Kobo.

Behind the Book

During the course of researching Women at Play, I accumulated thousands of articles and other types of documents, enough to fill several large file boxes. I did not write Women at Play directly from the thousands of documents, simply because I couldn’t hold thousands of pieces of information in my head all at the same time. Instead, I created computer files of the most important articles and other documents, and even though my typed files were several hundred pages long, that was a mere fraction of several thousand pages. I was able to write Women at Play by keeping the condensed version of files in my head.

I received so much pleasure from my research work, and I find some of the articles so fascinating, that I want to share that research with the public — not in a narrative form, but rather in its original form. For a sample newspaper article from Research Notes, see Tappen Post Nine. — Bg

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