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Publishers Weekly called Frank Dragovic, who first appeared in Dirty Proof, "an enlightened detective" and "a charming, savvy narrator."

Now Chicago private eye Dragovic is back, working undercover at Midwest Music Madness, a folk festival targeted by a thief. The corn is high in Iroquois County, the food deliciously Midwestern, the music old-time tunes and songs. But sour notes abound, and theft of musical instruments soon crescendos to murder.

Working undercover as a carpenter, Frank finds himself repairing corn cribs and pig pens in the July heat. At the same time, he must determine the thief and murderer — difficult to do while surrounded by suspects playing fiddles, banjos, guitars, autoharps, hammered dulcimers, bowed psaltries, and rhythm bones.

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Because my husband, Phil Passen, is a musician, we have attended many music festivals, weekend and week-long. Because I'm not a musician, I often spend music-class hours one of two ways: observing the various classes, or writing. 

Sometimes I write workbooks, sometimes poetry, sometimes picture books, and sometimes novels. Sound Proof is not a novel I wrote while attending music festivals, but many of my experiences at those festivals find their way into the book — all the experiences except theft. And murder. Those I invented. — Bg

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