Research Notes for Women at Play, Vol. 2

Barbara Gregorich

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Also available as an ebook.

Research Notes for Women at Play, Vol. 2

Research Notes for Women at Play, Vol. 2: Lizzie Arlington et al

This book, Research Notes for Women at Play, Volume 2, is the second of a projected three volumes. It contains original newspaper articles, or summaries of them, on six baseball players. Of these, Lizzie Arlington, the first woman signed to a professional contract in minor league baseball, was a 19th century player. The other five women played in the period from 1908 through 1934.

This book is valuable to baseball researchers, to women who play baseball and want to learn about past players, to non-baseball historians, and also to teachers who want to teach about original research and/or assign term paper topics. Research Notes for Women at Play contains a wide variety of fascinating information, and it's my guess that if 20 students were required to write a term paper based on this book, they would end up with 20 different theses because each student would interpret the data differently. To read an excerpt, click here.

Research Notes for Women at Play: The Story of Women in Baseball, Volume 2, is available for purchase through  Also available as an ebook.

Behind the Book

When I put together Volume 1 of Research Notes, I knew that there would be a total of three volumes in all, and I knew that I would self-publish them. Along with Robin Koontz (who designed the cover of Research Notes as well as the covers of Jack and Larry, She's on First, Dirty Proof, and Sound Proof), I knew from the start that the same photo would appear on the front cover of all three volumes. Robin and I decided that a colored line running across the top of the photo, under the title of the book, would distinguish one volume from another. We started with green for Volume 1.

However, what neither of us really thought much about was the fact that POD (Print on Demand) books of fewer than 150-170 pages cannot have the book title printed on the spine. That's because the tolerance of POD machines isn't exact enough to assure that the spine title will print on the spine . . . it might print on the back cover. Or, worse yet, the front cover. 

When it was time to publish Volume 2, Robin and I both realized that any individual or institution which purchased both volumes wouldn't be able to tell one from the other when both volumes were shelved spine-out. That was when Robin came up with the simple, elegant, and functional idea of wrapping the bar color around the entire book, so that it printed on the spine as well. Thus Volume 1, redesigned, has one green line that wraps around the spine. Volume 2 has two thin lines that wrap around the spine. This is far easier to see at a glance than it is to explain in words. Glance at the front cover and you will see the two thin bars above the title.

For a sample newspaper article from Research Notes, Volume 2, see Famous Girl Pitcher Was Born to Play Baseball. — Bg