Dirty Proof

Barbara Gregorich

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Dirty Proof

Dirty Proof | Reviews

Frank Dragovic prefers to call himself a detective, not a private investigator, because, as he sees it, you can investigate until the cows come home and not detect a thing. In the mystery novel Dirty Proof (Pageant Books, 1988), Frank is hired by Suzanne Quering, typesetter at the Chicago Truth-Examiner, to prove that she couldn’t have pushed newspaper executive Ralph Blasingame to his death, into the web presses. Frank agrees to take the case, thinking his client is innocent . . . maybe.

Also translated and published in Japan and Croatia. Now back in print. Available on Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, and Amazon.

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Behind the Book

When I created a fictional detective, I gave him a background in Chicago’s southeast-side neighborhood, near the Indiana border. I also filled his mind with Croatian proverbs, some of which I heard from my grandfather when I was a child. My favorite proverb in high school was an Arabic one: “He who would speak the truth must have one foot in the saddle.” Frank Dragovic prefers the Croatian proverb about truth, explaining to a suspect that Laz ide na kratke noge — a lie travels on short legs. Both author and character know that a lot of damage can be done by short-legged lies before truth finally wins the race. — Bg

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