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Dragovic has some poetic moments like this, especially when he talks about the land, but in general he narrates with the terseness of a man who is observing rather than talking: he is a watchful man until the moment is right, and then he is a man of action.

Gregorich's PI is a likeable and believable investigator, and her setting, filled with country air and folk music created by hammered dulcimers, hurdy gurdys, autoharps, fiddles and banjos, is refreshingly different.

          — Julia Buckley, Mysterious Musings


There are standard rules for a murder mystery. First, is the writer fair to the reader? In other words, is enough information provided so that the clues leading to the murderer's identity are known both to the detective and the reader? Second, and probably more important to Old-Time Herald readers, is the background plausible? And third, is it a good story that holds the reader's interest?

Yes to all three questions. This reviewer found the story both interesting and plausible.

          — Pete Peterson, Old-Time Herald, Vol. 13


Sound Proof is an intricately plotted murder mystery laden with clever misdirections and twists. The setting, an old-time music festival in the midwest, is interesting and the author demonstrates her familiarity with the scene with authentic detail. . . . It is obvious the story is carefully researched and her writing is well crafted with vivid description and realistic dialogue.

The cast of suspects includes Frank's employer and several of the festival attendees and even the Sheriff and Deputy. . . . The lives of the group intersect in several ways and the author does well to ensure natural connections between them.

          — Shellyrae, Book'd Out

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