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The F Words

Chicago high school student Cole Renner understands about injustice, both social and political. He sees how it operates on a school level, where students are forced to take boring, rote-learning state tests, where bullies roam the hallways, where Black and Latino students are not treated as equals, and where the principal rules like a dictator. 


All that injustice is dwarfed by the fact that Cole's father is thrown into Cook County Jail simply for exercising his right of free speech. Dwarfed by the injustice of ICE patrolling the city streets around Cole's school, looking for immigrants. Intimidating students. Rounding them up. Deporting them.


And then there's the injustice (maybe?) of Cole's English teacher requiring that Cole write two poems a week. All because he caught Cole tagging the high school wall with the f word.


Are these injustices — racial, cultural, and class — separate, or are they connected? Cole soon finds out. When his best friend Felipe Ramirez runs for class president, all the injustices come roaring down like one humongous avalanche. 


Working as a team, Cole, Felipe, and new student Treva organize to fight for what's right. Through active protest and also through poetry, Cole finds his own voice and moves forward to help change the world. Pre-Sale Buy Now




The F Words: Protest and Poetry, Video